“A jolt of happy chaos introduces the trio’s energy and its electronics. It’s improvised music, but it’s willing to engage in a far broader range of transient forms – from raga to soundscape – than the term often implies.”

Stuart Broomer/Point of Departure

“Both musicians manage to be amazingly personal and emotional, all without words, paintings in hues of greys and off-whites rather than bold primary colors of definitive statements.”

Jason Simpson/Redefine Mag

“There is no core around which Good Romans circulate – no point of serenity to which they return after a momentary flash of catharsis, or inversely, no climactic peak retrieved after lulls of recharge – and Open This Door, Never Look Back probes its landscapes untethered, free to mutate and become without fear of leaking essence or identity in the process.”


“(Tampere Jazz Happening) Highlights included the exotic sonics of Pepa Päivinen & Good Romans.”

Josef Woodard/Downbeat

“The musicians have a perfect command of reading each others minds and responding to new changes immediately.”

Timo Vähäsilta/salt peanuts*

“Good Romansin musiikki on omaperäistä, mutta se elää ja hengittää.”